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For shippers

Lardi-trans affords scope for effective cargo transportation business. Use our tools for finding trucks, adding freight or tendering.


Truck search

Lardi-trans platform has an extensive tool for a truck search. Wide selection of parameters allows you to see the best offers

Auto search function will send you notifications of the latest great offers

Telegram integration ensures prompt notifications across all devices

Adding freight

Add your freight on the Lardi-trans platform with a transportation request and receive offers from carriers

Flexible parameter configuration allows you to customize the addition of cargo for all users of the Lardi-trans platform or only for your list of partners

Your offer will be seen by thousands of users

It takes ~3min to add an offer



Efficient management of incoming freight transportation requests without the use of additional software.

The Leads feature enables the automation of processing new cargo, from receiving information to completing transportation, while capturing the preferences and financial requirements of the participants

Create a list of potential carriers using your existing database or discover new ones on the Lardi-trans platform. Select a carrier that meets all the criteria of the request.



Provide an opportunity to minimize the cost of transportation for shippers

Add your tender on the Lardi-trans platform with specified requirements in order to receive the best offers. The winner is the one who offers the lowest price for his services.

Electronic document management

The built-in document management system increases the efficiency of your business and significantly saves your time.

Store and share documents with your partners without limits.


My freight

With this tool you can easily manage your freight - create, duplicate, plan and place freight offers on the Lardi-Trans platform. Accept the best offers from carriers after placing a transportation request.


Built-in text messaging

A simple, intuitive interface of the built-in messenger allows you to send messages and files to your employees and partners.

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The need for fast sourcing of goods for transportation is increasing day by day, especially when it comes to long distance delivery of bulky industrial goods, construction materials and large quantities of foodstuffs. This growth is driven by the dynamic development of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the country's overall economic progress.

The success and profit of any trading company directly depends on high-quality and competent logistics, and the key element of this process is road transport of goods.

Small companies don't usually keep dedicated lorries on a permanent basis, preferring to outsource their transport orders to third party companies or private hauliers. It is for them that we have developed a section to find loads for road haulage. Here you will be able to find a load that suits your body type as well as the desired delivery location.

In addition to the usual cargo search, you can also search for associated cargo, which allows you to make an additional lorry load.

Searching for associated cargo: a rational solution for any purpose

Fur is a vehicle with a load capacity from 2 to 22 tonnes, consisting of a trailer (semi-trailer) and a tractor. Nowadays, lorries have become the most common means of cargo delivery not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. However, there is often a problem of incomplete loading, and part of the lorry remains free. To increase profitability, carriers can use the service of finding an additional load.

In the process of trucking on a standard 15-20 tonne lorry, there is a task for the dispatcher – to consolidate small consignments of transported products and look for associated cargo. This type of delivery is categorised as a prefabricated delivery.

Transportation to other cities can be carried out using different types of trailers depending on the nature of the cargo, road conditions and weather:

  1. Isothermal wagons or refrigerated trucks: They are used for transporting perishable products that require a certain temperature regime to preserve their properties.

    Isothermal wagons or refrigerated trucks: They are used for transporting perishable products that require a certain temperature regime to preserve their properties

  2. Tent Trailers: Indispensable for transporting household appliances or raw materials in various types of precipitation conditions.

  3. Longliners: They are used for transporting large consignments of goods or goods with non-standard parameters along problematic routes.

Freight transport costs are charged according to the type, weight and size of the goods being transported, as well as the complexity and distance of the transport. We have the right solution for every type of shipment and route.

Features of Cargo Sourcing

Sourcing freight without intermediaries is of great interest to both companies that provide transport services and their customers. This is the most acceptable option for mutually beneficial co-operation, which is characterised by a lot of positive aspects:

  • opportunity to send the associated cargo as quickly as possible due to the regularity of van journeys on a variety of routes;
  • substantial savings for the customer due to the absence of the need to order a separate lorry and partial payment of transport costs;
  • guarantee of safety and careful treatment of the client's cargo under standard transport conditions;
  • increased efficiency of the carrier company's rolling stock due to full load of freight transport.

Therefore, by transporting goods by road, the carrier increases the profitability of its own fleet and reduces the cost of delivered goods, which enhances their competitiveness against similar products.

There are also tangible inconveniences of this type of transport for each party involved. The customer has to constantly monitor the availability of free vehicles in a suitable direction, and the carrier has to search for freight orders. In order to turn the search for cargo and transport into an easy and time-consuming procedure, our company offers a convenient online service.

Lardi-Trans: a functional project for successful transport operations

The navigation of the «Lardi-Trans» website allows you to make a profitable deal in a matter of minutes by searching for cargo without intermediaries, which significantly reduces the company's expenses on logistic analysis. Thanks to the absolutely free application «looking for a load on a lorry» in the Lardi-Trans section, every registered user can quickly find an order for cargo transportation, as well as build business relationships with new partners from the EU, information about which is collected in our catalogue.

When searching for road freight on our online platform, it is important to fill in all the fields of your request correctly so that the system can correctly analyse customer offers and provide suitable options at a reasonable price. Regularly updated functionality of the web resource opens up potential opportunities to reduce the cost of carriage or delivery of goods by means of pre-agreed extra load.

At the same time, it is important to fill in all the fields of the request correctly.

So the Lardi-Trans online platform makes it as easy, fast and efficient as possible to find loads for transport!